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What certificate do I earn on passing the 400-201 CCIE Service Provider (CCIE )- Exam?

CCIE certification.Network engineers holding an active CCIE certification are recognized for their expert-level knowledge and skills in network infrastructure design.The Cisco 400-201 exam is an expert level certification exam that helps you get advanced positions in a well-known organization.

CCDE certification :

Divided into two parts

Step 1: Pass the qualifying examImplementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR 350-401)
Step 2: Pass the lab examCCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0
candidates must first pass a written qualification exam and then the corresponding hands-on lab exam.

cisco CCIE Service Provider 2020 change

350-401 ENCOR – Cisco:

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What is the format of the 400-201 Exam?

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400-201 Test Questions with Verified Answers( 400-201 exam dumps)


Select the statement that best describes “The cure for Amplification Principle” in the Internet domain, as explained in

RFC 3429 (Internet Architectural Guidelines)

A. None of the above

B. Amplification is prevented if local changes have only a local effect as opposed to system in which local change have

a global effect

C. Amplification is prevented if global changes have only a local effect as opposed to systems in which global changes

have a local effect

D. Internet domain does not suffer from “The Amplification Principle” as BGP takes care of misbehaving advertisers

Correct Answer: B

In the Internet domain, it has been shown that increased interconnectivity results in more complex and often slower

BGP routing convergence [AHUJA]. A related result is that a small amount of inter-connectivity causes the output of a

routing mesh to be significantly more complex than its input [GRIFFIN]. An important method for reducing amplification

is ensure that local changes have only local effect (this is as opposed to systems in which local changes have global

effect). Finally, ATM provides an excellent example of an amplification effect: if you lose one cell, you destroy the entire

packet (and it gets worse, as in the absence of mechanisms such as Early Packet Discard [ROMANOV], you will

continue to carry the already damaged packet).

A router is unable to route packets over a PPPoE link. What could be the cause of this issue?
A. incorrect IPCP connection for the agreed-upon IP address
B. incorrect dialer map profile
C. incorrect username of the PPP connection
D. incorrect access list
Correct Answer: B

A service provider has a requirement to deliver WAN gateway functionality to multi- tenant, provider-hosted clouds.
Which cisco platform meets this requirement?
A. Cisco ASR 9000 series
B. Cisco NX-OS
C. Cisco ASR 1000 Series
D. Cisco CSR 1000v
E. Cisco CRS series
Correct Answer: D

Which two statements about 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) are true? (Choose two.)
A. 10 Gigabit Ethernet does not support VLAN definition
B. 10 Gigabit Ethernet supports full duplex links, but does not support half duplex links.
C. 10 Gigabit Ethernet supports unshielded or shielded twisted-pair cable connections
D. 10 Gigabit Ethernet supports Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD).
E. 10 Gigabit Ethernet supports optical fiber connections in single mode only. Multi mode is not supported.
Correct Answer: BC

In PPPoA architecture, which two methods are most commonly deployed? (Choose two)
A. Terminating PPP sessions at the service provider
B. L2TP tunnelling
C. GRE tunnelling
D. PPP multiplexing
E. PPP framing
Correct Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which route policy must be implemented to meet this requirement?

Pass4itsure 400-201 exams questions-q6

A. B.

Pass4itsure 400-201 exams questions-q6-2

C. D.
Correct Answer: A

What is one of the primary overhead fields associated with the Optical Payload Unit (OPU)?
A. path monitoring
B. tandem connection monitoring activation deactivation (TCM ACT)
C. Payload Structure Identifier (PSI)
D. multiframe alignment signal (MFAS)
E. section monitoring
Correct Answer: C
Explanation: Optical Payload Unit (OPU)
In order to begin describing the OTN as defined by the ITU G.709 standard, we must first enumerate its critical
elements, their termination points, and the way they relate to one another in terms of hierarchy and function.
The primary overhead field associated with the OPU is the payload structure identifier (PSI). This is a 256-byte
multiframe whose first byte is defined as the payload type (PT). The remaining 255 bytes are currently reserved. The
other fields
in the OPU overhead are dependent on the mapping capabilities associated to the OPU. For an asynchronous mapping
(the client signal and OPU clock are different) justification control (JC) bytes are available to Application Note
153Telecom Test and Measurement compensate for clock rate differences. For a purely synchronous mapping (client
source and OPU clock are the same), the JC bytes become reserved. Further details on mapping are available in ITU

Service providers that implement MPLS Inter-AS Option B must ensure that the ASBRs between each provider learn all
VPNv4 routers from both providers. How can this requirements be accomplished?
A. Ensure that each ASBR is configured for all VRFs from within its own provider backbone
B. Configure each ASBR to retain route targets for all VPNv-4 learned routes
C. Configure the VRFs form the connecting provider in order to learn route targets on each ASBR
D. Ensure that LDP is conjured between each ASBR for label exchange on all VRFs
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit

Pass4itsure 400-201 exams questions-q9

Router A is configured with a BGP keepalive timer of 20 seconds and a BGP holddown timer interval of 60 seconds.
The BGP peer router B is configured with 5 seconds of keepalive interval and 15 seconds of holddown timer interval.
Which option is the value of the keepalive interval and holddown timers, respectively, after the successful BGP TCP
negotiation between router A and router B?
A. BGP TCP negotiation will not be successful.
B. 20 and 60 seconds
C. 5 and 15 seconds
D. Router A will use 20 and 60 seconds and router B will use 5 and 15 seconds.
E. Router B will use 20 and 60 seconds and router A will use 5 and 15 seconds.
Correct Answer: C

A network engineer is redistributing BGP prefixes into RIP. These prefixes are unreachable in the RIP network. Which
the two actions could resolve the issue based on this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. Enable BGP synchronization.
B. Enable BGP AS-override.
C. Rewrite RIP hop count for the redistributed prefixes.
D. Enable internal BGP redistribution.
E. Rewrite BGP next hop.
F. Apply BGP next-hop-self.
Correct Answer: CD

A network engineer wants to deploy a VPLS service within the MPLS backbone. The backbone expert team advises that
LDP for signaling is used.
Which two characteristics of LDP would influence their decision? (Choose two.)
A. BGP does not need to be run on the PE device.
B. Non-convergence with IP VPN operation.
C. There is no autodiscovery.
D. LDP signaling requires a loopback-based router ID.
E. CDP is not required on the PE routers.
Correct Answer: AC

Which three statements about the Route Distinguisher (RD) are true? (Choose three.)
A. The RD is a BGP extended community.
B. The RD prefix and a route target make the VPNv4 address unique.
C. RD, similar to the AS number, is assigned to a service provider by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
D. The RD is an 8-byte field.
E. One customer may use different RDs for the same IPv4 route.
Correct Answer: BDE

ATM carries IP and PPP information with ATM cells. What ATM adaptation Layer is used when an ATM cell carries IP
packets and PPP frames?
Correct Answer: D

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