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When multiple Scrum Teams are working from the same Product Backlog, also known as scaled Scrum, they must still
work in conformance of the Scrum guide.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A
Scrum is a framework with built in flexibility to support multiple Scrum Teams working on a single product.

Which role is responsible for determining when it is most appropriate to update the Sprint Backlog?
A. The Product Owner
B. The Development Team
C. The Scrum Team
D. The Scrum Master
Correct Answer: B
The Development Team is responsible for tracking the remaining work of the Sprint.

A new Product Owner has joined an existing Scrum Team that has been working together for eight Sprints. The
Development Team has grown to have a good understanding of the functionality and business for the product they have
been building. The Product Owner, being new to the company, is unsure about his responsibilities.
As a Scrum Master explain what two acceptable ways of helping the Product Owner would be. (Choose two.)
A. You advise the Product Owner to start building a good relationship with the stakeholders of the product. Ongoing
interaction with them is important to regularly align with changing organizational or market expectations. The Product
Owner is also expected to invite the right stakeholders to the Sprint Review meeting.
B. You inform the Product Owner that, in today\\’s highly competitive markets, it is important that the Development Team
is updated on changing business priorities on a daily basis. The Daily Scrum allows the Development Team to adapt to
the changes in scope without delay.
C. You tell the Product Owner to make sure that there are no ambiguities or possible misunderstandings in the items on
the Product Backlog when they are handed over to the Development Team. This is best done by capturing the
functional requirements during an analysis phase, resulting in documents that are considered as the working product of
such analysis Sprints.
D. You advise the Product Owner to rely on the Development Team and the stakeholders to formulate the Product
Backlog, as they are the ones most knowledgeable. By asking questions and working with them the Product Owner will
quickly be up to speed.
Correct Answer: AD
The ones that are closest to the work are the best ones to understand and explain what the work is and what the needs
of the users and product are.

How should multiple Scrum Teams, working from the same Product Backlog, select the Product Backlog items their
teams plan to work on?
A. The Product Owner will present the work and the Development Teams will select the items they will work on.
B. The Product Owner creates separate Product Backlogs for each Development Team.
C. Each Scrum Team would select an equal number of items.
D. The Product Owner assigns the work to each team.
E. The Scrum Team with the highest productivity will select the items first.
Correct Answer: A
The ones doing the work are the best ones to decide what they can do and how to do it.

Which is the best description of a Product Owner?
A. Requirements developer.
B. Value optimizer.
C. Team leader.
D. Go-between between development team and stakeholders.
Correct Answer: B

Who can prematurely cancel a Sprint?
A. The Development Team
B. The Product Owner
C. The Stakeholders
D. The Scrum Master
Correct Answer: B
Only the Product Owner can determine when items being worked on are obsolete.

Which of the following are time-boxed events in Scrum?
A. Sprint Planning
B. Daily Scrum
C. Sprint Review
D. Sprint Retrospective
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: E

What would be the responsibilities of a self-organizing Development Team?
A. Update stakeholders on the daily progress and keep the burn-down chart updated.
B. Select the Product Backlog items for the Sprint and do the work planned in the Sprint Backlog.
C. Writing User Stories and reordering the Product Backlog.
D. Deciding on the value of the product features and value estimations.
Correct Answer: B

Steven, a Scrum Master, is approached by the Development Team members complaining that one of the senior
engineers is using too much time during the Daily Scrums to share technical solutions. Which are the best two actions
for Steven to take? (Choose two.)
A. Coach the Development Team to help them find a way to solve the problem, and for them to take ownership of the
B. Contact the team member\\’s direct manager and to resolve this problem.
C. Suggest that the team members timebox the amount of time each person can speak at the Daily Scrum to a
maximum of two minutes.
D. Suggest using a token to limit who is allowed to speak during the Daily Scrum.
E. Speak with the person privately and coach him on the purpose of the Daily Scrum.
Correct Answer: AE
The Scrum Master serves the Development Team in several ways, including: Coaching the Development Team in selforganization and cross-functionality; Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed.
It is the Scrum Master\\’s responsibility to teach the Scrum Team the value and objective of each Scrum event in order
to help them maximize the benefits of each event in accordance to the Scrum values and theory.

Which Scrum Value is impacted by trust?
A. Respect
B. Courage
C. Commitment
D. Openness
E. Focus
F. All of the above
Correct Answer: F
Without trust, team members will have difficulties acting and behaving in the ways that reflect the Scrum values and how
effective they apply empiricism.

Steven is a Scrum Master of a Development Team that has members working in different cities and time zones.
Organizing the Scrum events is time consuming and requires a lot of effort to set up and run. The Development Team
proposes to only hold the Daily Scrum on Mondays.
Which two responses would be most appropriate from Steven? (Choose two.)
A. Coach the team on why having a Daily Scrum every day is an important opportunity to update the Sprint plan and
how it helps the team self-organize work toward achieving the Sprint Goal.
B. Ensure that there is an overall consensus by having the Development Team members vote.
C. Help the Development Team understand that lowering the frequency of communication will only increase the feeling
of disconnect between the team members.
D. Acknowledge and support their decision.
Correct Answer: AC
The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum Team understands the purpose and value of the Scrum
events. Because the Daily Scrum is owned by the Development Team, it will decide how best to run the event. And if needed the Scrum Master will coach the team to ensure the decisions stay within the boundaries of the Scrum

Scrum addresses which of the following four risks in software development? (Choose four.)
A. The complexity and unpredictability of the requirements.
B. The stability and complexity of the technology.
C. The skills and working relationships of the people on the teams.
D. The timescale of the planned work.
E. The clear definitions of stages and gateways in the overall governance model.
F. The definition of incentive and bonus strategies by HR for all team members.
Correct Answer: ABCD
Scrum is a framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively
developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products of the highest possible value. Scrum employs an iterative,
incremental approach to optimize predictability and control risk.

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