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Oracle SOA Suite 12c Certified Implementation Specialist

The Oracle SOA Suite 12c Implementation Specialist certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in implementing Oracle Soute Suite 12c solutions. This certification covers topics such as: BPEL modeling, adapters, business rules, human task services, service mediation, event processing, business activity monitoring, securing services,deployment, troubleshooting, installation and configuration. This certification differentiates candidates in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise.

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Latest effective Oracle 1z0-434 Exam Practice Tests

When you create an assert in a test case, you can specify a Compare By rule of xml-identical or xml- . The rule
designates the strictness of the comparison.
If you choose xml-similar, identify two conditions that will cause the comparison to fall.
A. The namespaces are the same, but the namespace prefix is different.
B. An element has the same child attributes, but they are in a different order.
C. An element has a different name, but the same child attributes are in the same order.
D. The namespaces are different, but the namespace prefix is the same.
Correct Answer: D

Which statement accurately describes event-driven architecture?
A. It is a design approach that fosters creation of distinct pieces of software where each piece is a self- contained unit of
B. It is a programing paradigm that views processing as evaluation of functions without regard for application state.
C. it is a style of building software that specifies logic without describing its control flow.
D. It is an approach focusing on the production, detection, and consumption of potentially significant state changes.
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements accurately describe the invoking of a human task?
A. A web service client in a different composite can invoke a human task.
B. A human task can invoke another human task in the same composite.
C. A BPEL process can invoke a human task in a different composite.
D. A human task can invoke another human task in a different composite.
Correct Answer: CD

You pass some data from a process variable as a parameter into a human task. At a later time, the variable is then
updated in a parallel stream of execution in the BPEL process while the human task is still executing before it is
actioned by
the assignee.
What does the assignee see after opening the task in the workspace and looking at the parameter?
A. The parameter contains the values of the process variable as it was when the task was created.
B. The parameter contains the values of the process variable as it is at the current time (that is, when the user opened
the human task in the workspace).
C. The parameter is empty and the task must be restarted to pick up the new values of the process variable.
D. It is not possible to determine what the assignee sees from the information provided.
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements accurately describe policy attachment in Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM)?
A. The order in which policies are attached to a subject determines the order in which the policies are executed.
B. JDeveloper groups the policies that can be attached into five categories of interceptors.
C. Multiple WS-Addressing policies can be attached to a policy subject.
D. In Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, a security policy can be attached to a web service and it can be
either enabled or disabled.
Correct Answer: AC

You defined an event. You now want to trigger that event from an existing Mediator component.
How do you link the event to the Mediator so that the Mediator can raise the event to the Event Delivery Network
A. Use the SOA composite editor to specify the event as a property on the incoming wire into the Mediator component.
B. Use a text editor to modify the .edlfile that defines the event so that the Mediator is identified as a publisher.
C. Use the SOA Composite Editor to add a raise action to the Mediator\\’s