New Cisco Product for IoT and Cloud is On The Way – 2018 New Year! New Cisco! New Expectation!

In a way, 2018 plan is a turning Point where Cisco transition from hardware to an integrated system of hardware and software. Cisco has plotted the next generation of its network management products in the form of intent-based networking. Meanwhile, as hardware sales growth slows due to workloads shifting to the public cloud, the company eyes the Internet of Things and edge computing as new frontiers for revenue growth.

If you look at HPE, Dell, IBM and Cisco all of those companies are trying to reinvent themselves. It is not difficult to conclude that traditional treatment has been eliminated by the times, we need more “fresh blood” to inject new products energy, and improve product performance and competitiveness. maybe IoT first, maybe software first. From a business point of view, Cisco is still doing well.Below are some of the key technology areas the company is hoping will spur a new era of network innovation in 2018 and beyond.


  • Intent-based networking

Major networking advancements in recent years have centered around software-defined networking. In mid-2017 Cisco launched a new intent-based networking (IBN) strategy that is expected to shape the company’s future network management roadmap.
The definition of IBN is that Users dictate policies, and network orchestration software automatically configures and maintains the desired state of the network.

It’s been doing IBN for year in the data center with its bundle of Nexus 9K routers, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and Tetration analytics. Brad Casemore, an analyst with IDC think that user will see Cisco talking more comprehensively about how the intent-based network will spread across their portfolios, data centers, campuses, and WANs.these are all related. More Importantly,Intent-based will be applied to other management systems: intent-based Security, intent-based data center, etc.


  • Cisco’s transition to SaaS

Selling software that runs in the new ways is a key point of the new strategy.Traditionally the software that runs atop Cisco networking hardware has been sold in perpetual licenses. DNA Center(Campus Switches IBN platform) can be subscribed or purchased SaaS model

Amy Arnold, a Cisco user and network engineer who works in the public sector in Texas think that It is a challenge and risk about the transition from hardware center to software concentration. As Cisco launches its new products, such as DNA centers and tetration Hardware remains an important foundation. if better software can improve uptime, reliability and allow network engineers to be more agile. At the same time, financial investors will be keeping a close eye on the dynamics.


  • The Internet of Things
Cisco bullishs on the prospect of a vast network of new things. Cisco has invested heavily in creating hardened hardware devices that can run on many devices, as well as software platforms that control a large number of deployments. This year, Cisco has launched a good operating software platform that allows users to automatically connect to many devices, and Cisco can extract data from it and analyze it. Expectdly that Cisco will be pay great effort in hardware and software.
  • Cisco’s latest cloud strategy

In the past few years, Cisco tries to build Intercloud but give up in 2016. This time Cisco is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to offer a hybrid cloud platform based on the open source Kubernetes software for running application containers.Cisco will enable its server hardware systems to run Kubernetes, while providing integrations with Google’s cloud-based Kubernetes service.

Cisco and Google will continue to collaborate to help connect customers with other public cloud providers. Cisco, a partner in VMware and AWS, Google and IBM, has also chosen to connect with Google providers, This is also a part of Cisco’s overall cloud computing strategy, a series of initiatives incorporated into the 2018 program. Together we look forward to new developments,new posture iabout Cisco.


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