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500-450 UCCEIS dumps (free practical exam) questions with valid answers


Which two statements about Precision Queues are true? (Choose two.)

A. A Wait Time may be configured in any step except for the last step.
B. At least one step must be configured for a Precision Queue.
C. Either Skill Groups or Precision Queues must be utilized within an instance – not both.
D. Precision Queues can be configured for usage in agent-based inbound campaigns.
E. A Consider If statement may be configured in any step.

Correct Answer: AB


Which batch script can be used to view VXML application states and port count for a Cisco CVP VXML server?

A. getVersions.bat
B. displayApp.bat
C. updateApp.bat
D. status.bat

Correct Answer: D


While a voice gateway accesses webservices elements, it times out and throws an error. bad fetch event. Which two
options are common ways to reduce such errors?

A. Set FetchAudioDelay timeout
B. Set mediafetchDelay
C. Set FetchAudioMinimum timeout.
D. Set mediafetchDelay timeout.

Correct Answer: AC


With Courtesy Callback, what does it mean to have a value “0” in Maximum Callbacks Per Calling Number?

A. Courtesy Callbacks start when “0” calls are in the queue.
B. No Courtesy Callbacks are allowed.
C. Callbacks have been temporarily suspended for the dialed numbers.
D. Any number of callbacks is allowed.

Correct Answer: D



Which two situations can cause the “Send to VRU” to fail within an ICM script for Cisco CVP? (Choose two.)

A. VRU PIM just got out of service.
B. No network VRU is configured for the routing client.
C. Send to originator is not enabled.
D. Incorrect media file name.
E. Primary VRU peripheral gateway is out of service.

Correct Answer: AB


Refer to the exhibit.

Four calls enter the script in the exhibit but are queued due to no agents being available. Assume that the calls are
equally distributed across the A, B, C, and D path in that order using the % Allocation Node and that the Queue to Skill
Group Node priority is left at its default setting.
Which call is answered first?

A. The call that traversed through the A path.
B. The call that traversed through the B path.
C. The call that traversed through the C path.
D. The call that traversed through the D path.

Correct Answer: A


In a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise deployment, callers report intermittent voice-quality issues. What might
cause this problem?

A. The Cisco voice gateways have too few trunks to accept the inbound calls.
B. The Cisco Finesse is locking up because of a virus.
C. The system has to few DSP transcoding resources to support all the calls across the WAN.
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager has too few conference bridge resources.
E. A different voice codec is used by the caller and the agent.

Correct Answer: C


When using the Play Media micro-application, which parameter automatically generates the media file name for an
agent greeting?

A. -g
B. -a
C. -aa
D. -ag

Correct Answer: B


Which option about the Cisco UCCE heartbeat interval and maximum number of missed heartbeats allowed between
duplexed sides over the private network are true?

A. 100 ms, 3 heartbeats
B. 400 ms, 3 heartbeats
C. 400 ms, 5 heartbeats
D. 100 ms, 5 heartbeats

Correct Answer: D


The current operating status for multiple devices is displayed in the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal OAMP Control Center tab within the Operations Console web page.
Which three devices show an operating status? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B. Cisco Unified CVP reporting server
C. SIP proxy server
D. Cisco Unified CVP call server
E. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise server
F. VXML gateway
G. Cisco Unified CVP VXML server

Correct Answer: BDG


Which two ICM scripting nodes support dynamic settings? (Choose two.)

A. Percent Allocation
B. Precision Queue
C. Skill Group
D. Peripheral gateway
E. Call Type

Correct Answer: BE


You are about to perform a Tech Refresh upgrade for a customer. The customer wants more details about how the
historical data is maintained. The customer has two sides each with a router, logger, and HDSDDS.
Which is the best explanation?

A. The routers exchange historical data to keep themselves up to date and each router keeps its local HDS-DDS up to
B. The loggers exchange historical data to keep themselves up to date and each router keeps its local HDS-DDS up to
C. Each side synchronized its data from the logger using SQL replication.
D. The HDS-DDSs continuously synchronized the historical data to keep themselves up to date.

Correct Answer: B


Which Cisco UCCE Admin tool provides a live stream or errors as they are reported by the router?

A. Diagnostic Framework Portico
B. RTTest
C. Script Editor
D. Router Log Viewer

Correct Answer: D


Which three statements about Multi-Line Agent mode in Cisco UCCE with Finesse 10.5 and beyond are true? (Choose

A. Allows UCCE to support Join Across Line and Direct Transfer Across Line features on the phone.
B. It monitors and reports calls on all lines on the phone.
C. It monitors and reports calls on only one line on the phone.
D. It requires a busy trigger of 2 (call waiting), although calls cannot be forwarded to other extensions on the phone
when busy.
E. Shared lines are supported on ACD lines but not on non-ACD lines.
F. It requires a maximum of two call appearances.

Correct Answer: ABF


Refer to the exhibit.

In a Cisco Finesse 10.0(x) deployment, an agent with a single line 89XX hard phone is having trouble logging in to the
desktop. The error message highlighted has been found in the Jgw1log file.
Which option describes the likely cause of this error?

A. MAC address of the phone not associated with PG user.
B. PG user does not have “Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting ConnectedXfer and conf user group” role.
C. In the peripheral gateway, Agent Phone Line Control is not set to “All Lines”.
D. Phone Join Across Lines feature is enabled.
E. Phone line does not have the Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Trigger setting set to 2 and 1 respectively.

Correct Answer: B

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