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Exam Code: 70-534
Exam Name: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
Q&As: 249

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You need to design the system that alerts project managers to data changes in the contractor informaton app. Which service should you use?
A. Azure Mobile Service
B. Azure Service Bus Message Queueing
C. Azure Queue Messaging
D. Azure Notfcaton Hub
70-534 exam Correct Answer: C
You need to prepare the implementaton of data storage for the contractor informaton app. What should you?
A. Create a storage account and implement multple data parttons.
B. Create a Cloud Service and a Mobile Service. Implement Entty Group transactons.
C. Create a Cloud Service and a Deployment group. Implement Entty Group transactons.
D. Create a Deployment group and a Mobile Service. Implement multple data parttons.
Correct Answer: B
You need to design a data storage strategy for each applicaton. In the table below, identfy the strategy that you should use for each applicaton. Make only one selecton in each column.
Hot Area:
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70-534 dumps Correct Answer:
70-534 dumps

You need to recommend a soluton for publishing one of the company websites to Azure and confguring it for remote debugging. Which two actons should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the soluton.
A. From Visual Studio, atach the debugger to the soluton.
B. Set the applicaton logging level to Verbose and enable logging.
C. Set the Web Server logging level to Informaton and enable logging.
D. Set the Web Server logging level to Verbose and enable logging.
E. From Visual Studio, confgure the site to enable Debugger Ataching and then publish the site.
Correct Answer: AD
The company has two corporate ofces. Customers will access the websites from datacenters around the world.

70-534 dumps

You need to architect the global website strategy to meet the business requirements. Use the drop-down menus to select the answer choice that answers each queston.
70-534 dumps

70-534 pdf Correct Answer:
70-534 dumps

Lead V is located at the
A. Fifthintercostal space, left sternal border.
B. Midclavicular line, fourth intercostal space.
C. Fourthintercostal space, right sternal border.
D. Midclavicular line, lateral to the xiphoid process.
Answer: C
Following termination of a stress test, a 12-lead ECG is
A. Monitored immediately, then every 1 to 2 minutes until exercise-induced changes are at baseline.
B. Monitored immediately, then at 2and ,5 minutes after the test.
C. Monitored immediately only.
D. Monitored and recorded only if any signs or symptoms arise during recovery.
70-534 vce Answer: A
For a client who has a contraindication to exercise testing but could benefit greatly from the information gained through testing, which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. The contraindication is considered to be a relative contraindication.

B. The contraindication is considered to be an absolute contraindication.
C. The client should not be tested until the contraindication is resolved.
D. Asubmaximal test is the only test that the client should complete.
Answer: A
A client who has a measured FVC of 3.5 Land can expel 3.1 L within 1 second has A. An obstructive defect.
B. Areshictive defect.
C. An FEV of 3.1.
D. An FEV of 89%.
70-534 exam Answer: D
The clinical exercise physiologist shares a responsibility to
A. Implement measures to stop disease.
B. Make patients look healthy.
C. Implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of medical emergencies.
D. Develop a plan to reduce the physical demands of exercise testing.
Answer: C
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a benefit of follow- up in an emergency situation?
A. It provides information regarding the patient’s current status, which may help to determine the cause of the emergency.
B. It provides statistics that will help to justify the emergency response program.
C. It allows the staff to finalize the incident report.
D. It provides information to determine the consequences of the staff’s actions.
70-534 dumps Answer: B
Which of the following actions involving termination of exercise testing is correct?
A. Immediately terminate the test if muscular fatigue occurs.
B. Initiate the test termination process when cardiac complications occur.
C. Initiate the test termination process when intermittent premature ventricular contractions are detected on ECG.
D. Immediately terminate the test when intermittent premature ventricular contractions are detected on ECG.
Answer: C
Safety procedures for clinical staff help protect them from
A. Bloodborne pathogens.
B. Theft.
C. Violent patients.
D. Work-related injuries.
70-534 pdf Answer: A
The treatment modality RICES includes all of the following EXCEPT
A. Covering.
B. Ice.
C. Stabilization.
D. Rest.
Answer: A
Question No : 15 In order to determine the exact level of redundancy available in the cooling system, which cooling architecture would require CFD analyses of every combination of system failures within the data center?
A. Row
B. Rack
C. Room
D. Ceiling
70-534 vce Answer: C
Question No : 16 Which statement best describes how a row-oriented cooling architecture optimizes the operational efficiency within the data center?
A. Row-oriented architecture allows cooling capacity to be matched to the heat load within each zone.
B. Row-oriented architecture requires two cooling units per enclosure, creating a desirable oversizing scenario.
C. Row-oriented architecture cools all rows of the data center while generating additional conditioned air for the adjacent office areas.
D. Row-oriented architecture requires large volume of air mixing to reduce the return air temperature, driving up cooling system capacity.
Answer: A
Question No : 17 What is the load per rack where the room cooling architecture starts to become impractical?
A. 1 kW
B. 3 kW
C. 7 kW
D. 10 kW
70-534 exam Answer: B

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