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Refer to the exhibit
300-360 dumps

A Cisco Unified Communications Manager group is configured with the subscriber ( listed first and the publisher ( listed second. Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager is used for incoming calls through an MGCP gateway?
A. the publisher
B. both the publisher and subscriber in a round-robin format
C. the first server listed in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager group list
D. the subscriber
300-360 exam Correct Answer: A
What function does the device pool perform?
A. It separates user and physical location information.
B. It sets the default device parameters for all IP phones in the cluster.
C. It sets the location bandwidth used between different locations.
D. It provides a single point of configuration for every device in a Cisco Unified Communications
Manager cluster.
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 3 Which of the following HTTP headers will direct a browser to www.site.com after waiting five seconds?
A. Rewrite 5; URL = http://www.site.com/
B. Location 5; URL = http://www.site.com/
C. Refresh 5; URL = http://www.site.com/
D. Reload http://www.site.com/ -t 5
E. Direct -t 5 http://www.site.com/
300-360 dumps Answer: C
QUESTION 4 Cookies can be used by Apache to create a click stream log of user activity. However, for the cookies to work, Apache must be compiled with the module, then the directive must be added to the httpd.conf file.
A. mod_usertrack; Cookie Tracking on
B. mod_cookies; Cookies on
C. mod_cookietracking; cookie Tracking on
D. mod_cookielog; Cookielogging on
E. mod_userlog, cookielogging on
Answer: A
QUESTION 5 Which of the following are TRUE regarding contains in httpd.com? (Choose two.)
A. Containers consist of a Paired set of delimiters.
B. If two containers contradict, the first is applied.
C. Containers may only be applied globally.
D. Containers allow individual virtual hosts to have their own settings.
300-360 pdf Answer: A, D
QUESTION 6 Which of the following best explains why Apache Web servers are able to handles multiple requests?
A. In addition to port 80, Apache opens ports 8080,8000, and others to handle the additional requests.
B. Apache is able to spawn child processes that handle requests before they die.
C. Apache uses the renice service to load balance between different system daemons.
D. Upon reaching a set number of requests, Apache uses a raw socket to adjust a system’s bandwidth to handle the additional requests.
Answer: B
QUESTION 7 Consider the file “test.html”. Which of the following best describes what code does?
<INPUT TYPE=” button” VALUE=”set cookie”
onClick = “document. Cookie =`first_name=Fred`;”>

<INPUT TYPE = “button” VALUE = “display cookie”
onClick = “alert (document.cokkie);”>
A. When the user clicks on “set cookie,” it prompts the user for value. Once the value is entered, it can be displayed using the “display cookie” button.
B. When the user clicks on “set cookie,” the first_name cookie is set to “Fred.” The first_name cookie can be displayed by clicking the “display cookie” button.
C. When the user first loads “test.html,” first_name is automatically set to “Fred.” The value of first_name can be seen with the “display cookie” button. The first_name cookie can be reset to empty (“”) by clicking the “set cookie” button.
D. When the user clicks on the “set cookie” button, a new HTML page is loaded that displays the word “Fred”. When the user clicks on the “display cookie” button, it alerts the user that it has been deleted.
300-360 vce Answer: B
QUESTION 8 Which of the following can be used send to used to send a cookie to the http client? (Choose two.)
A. XMLScript
B. Static HTM
C. Java Script
D. CGI scripts
E. GIFScript
Answer: C, D
QUESTION 9 Ralf, a user, wishes to upgrade his existing version of Apache by including mod_ssl as a loadable module. Assuming that the shared object for mod_ssl is libssl. So, that mod_ssl is located in “/prefix/modules/,” which of the following must be present in his httpd, conf file?
A. LoadModule mod_ssl modules/libssl.so
B. Addmodule mod_ssl modules/libssl.so
C. LoadModule /prefix/modules/libssl.so mod_ssl
D. AddModule /prefix/modules/libssl.so mod_ssl
300-360 exam Answer: A
QUESTION 10 Liz has completed an Apache installation on her computer. She did not encounter any errors. Which of the following can she use to see Apache’s default index? (Choose two.)

A. http://localserver
B. http://localhost
C. http://index
Answer: B, E
QUESTION 11 One security exploit with Apache is to include a command in a script that lets the scripts execute a command found in one of its variables. For example, a script might contain the who command and display a list users logged into the server. Which of the following, if included in a CGI script, will run a command with the appropriate permissions?
A. declare
B. fork
C. export
D. eval
E. eacho
300-360 dumps Answer: D
QUESTION 12 Which of the following represents a security concern of programming CGI scripts using the C programming language?
A. C programs must be run with setuid root.
B. If the program receives more data than the amount of memory it has allocated, a buffer overflow can cause the program to exit to a shell on the server.
C. Many early C compile lack the ability to dynamically alter file permissions, which results in many C program running with root permissions.
D. CGI script written in C compile at runtime on the client system, which makes the client vulnerable.
E. If the server and client do not have identical compiler versions, the lesser compiler is used, which may have known exploits.
Answer: B
QUESTION 13 Which of the following best explains the function of the KeepAlive directive in Apache 1.1?
A. It defines the length of time Apache will wait before spawning additional processes.
B. It constantly checks on the Apache service and reports via syslogd if there is a server problem.
C. It makes a backup by spawning clones of itself in case the server goes down.
D. It defined how long a server process can keep a connection before shutting down.
E. It tells Apache how long to wait before going into the zombie process state. Answer:
300-360 pdf Answer: D

QUESTION 14 Which of the following scenarios most accurately describes the Apache initialization sequence?
A. Apache spawns one child process each second until MaxSpareServer is satisfied or MaxClients is reached.
B. Apache spawns one child, then two, then four, and up to 32 processes per seconds until MaxClients is reached or Minspare Servers is satisfied.
C. Apache spawns one process then continues to double the number of processes spawned each second indefinitely until MaxClients is reached or MinSpareServers is satisfied.
D. Apache spawns the needed number of child processes dependent on the incoming requests until MaxClients is reached or MinSpareServer is satisfied. For example, if three requests come in, Apache would spawn three processes, and soon.
Answer: B
QUESTION 15 How does Apache enable CGI scripts? (Choose two.)
A. It links source pages to the appropriate client compiler.
B. It implements suid and makes the script excitable.
C. It defines content types based on the extension.
D. It references directories that contain the scripts.
300-360 vce Answer: C, D
QUESTION 16 Jake has the text below in his httpd conf file. He does NOT have mod_mime_magic compiled as part of the Apache server configuration. Which of the following are TRUE concerning this information? (Choose two.) LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/mod_vhost _alias.so
# LoadModule env_module modules/mod_env.so
# LoadModule agent_log_module modules/mod_log_agent.so
# LoadModule mime_magic_module modules/mod_mime_magic.so
# LoadModule mime_module modules/mod_mime_magic.s
<IFModeule mod_mime_magic.c>
MIOMEMagicFile share/magic
A. The MIMEMagicFile directive will be processed.
B. The MIMEMagicFile directive will NOT be processed.
C. The server will NOT be able to use hints in share/magic to determine file types.
D. The server will be able to use hints in share/magic to determine file types.
Answer: B, C
QUESTION 17 An administrator needs to set the permissions an Apache Web server to maximize security, while still allowing for full functionality. Which of the following permissions are most appropriate for Apache
  configuration files and Apache executables, respectively?
A. 755, 000
B. 755, 111
C. 511, 755
D. 777, 555
E. 755, 511
300-360 exam Answer: E
QUESTION 18 The block of code below is found in the http conf file. Under what conditions would this block of code execute?
<If Module !PHP/4.0>
</If Module>
A. If PHP/4.0 is NOT compiled or loaded into Apache when the block of code is called
B. If PHP/4.0 is NOT compiled or loaded in the module’s shared library when the block of code is called
C. If PHP/4.0 is compiled or loaded into Apache when the block of code is called
D. If PHP/4.0 is compiled or loaded in the module’s shared library when the block of code is called
Answer: A
QUESTION 19 Which of the following is a requirement for IP-based virtual hosting?
A. Separate network devices, each with its own I address.
B. Separate IP addresses for each virtual host
C. Separate configuration files for each virtual host.
D. Separate IPAlias directives in the httpd.conf file for each virtual host.
300-360 dumps Answer: B
QUESTION 20 Tom would like to group all of his CGI scripts to /lib/cgi-bin/. In order to do this, he needs to use the ScriptAlias directive in the httpd.conf file of his Apache server. What modules need to be compiled in order for this to work? (Choose two.)
A. mod_cgi.c or any module that supports the common gateway interface
B. mod_bin.c
C. mod_negotiation.c or any module that does protocol negotiation
D. mod_alias.c
E. mod_script.c or any module that does script parsing
Answer: A, D
QUESTION 21 The system administrator has configured Apache to write its log files via the system logging daemon. When Apache write its log files to syslog, it will run with the permissions of which user?
A. Always as root

B. Always as nobody
C. Always as webuser
D. Always as the owner of the http process
E. Always as the owner of the syslogd process
300-360 pdf Answer: B
QUESTION 22 If a user has already defined a log format called “common, “which of the following directives will ALWAYS make Apache log requests to “/var/log/apache/access_log” using the ” common” format?
A. TransferLog /var/log/apache/access_log format=common
B. TransferLog /var/log/apache/access_log common
C. CustomLog /var/log/apache/access_log format=common
D. CustomLog /var/log/apache/access_log common Answer:
Answer: D

Which of the following privileges do you need to activate views?
A. SELECT option on the _SYS_BIC schema
B. SELECT option on the _SYS_BI schema
C. SELECT option on the _SYS_REPO schema
D. SELECT option on the _SYS schema
300-360 vce Answer: C
Which security settings can you apply in analytic privileges? (Choose two)
A. Restrict access to hierarchies.
B. Restrict access within an analytic view using measure values.
C. Restrict access within an analytic view using attribute values.
D. Grant access to analytic views.
Answer: C, D
You are designing architecture for SAP ERP Profitability Analysis with SAP
HANA (COPA Accelerator).
 To which network in the diagram should you connect your SAP ECC system?
A. SAP HANA Administrative Network (3)
B. SAP HANA Data Network (4)
C. SAP HANA Data Backup Network (1)
D. SAP HANA Client Network (2)
300-360 exam Answer: B
Which of the following is used to deploy SAP-delivered content in SAP HANA?
A. Java Support Package Management (JSPM)
B. Server-side export/import
C. SAP Transport Management System (STMS)
D. SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI)
Answer: B
In which file do you configure the maximum size of the delta storage memory?

A. preprocessor.ini
B. executer.ini
C. global.ini
D. indexserver.ini
300-360 dumps Answer: D
Which view in SAP HANA studio do you use to add additional users?
A. Navigator view
B. Quick Launch view
C. Properties view
D. Console view
Answer: A

300-360 dumps


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